Grid is god? Not always. Sometimes you’ve got to bend the rules to bring a brand’s personality to life online.

  • Creative direction
  • Design
  • HTML front end

Wheathill Music is a boutique entertainment agency that punches well above its weight. And they needed a site that does the same. The challenge? Encouraging the user to explore the broader Wheathill offering – ‘music and more’ – instead of shortcutting straight to the act they’d planned to book. Another element of the brief lay in creating a digital identity and experience that belies the size of the team it represents. When your client base spans event planners, high net worth individuals, premium motor brands, museums and brides, let them see what they want to see.

As a result, Wheathill is a less traditional website – it immerses and challenges, as well as providing information. You can shortcut to the information you need, or take your time and wander through the visual and aural treats on offer, discovering, dallying and experiencing a taster of what’s to come. Wheathill is also socially integrated, with a tumblr-powered blog that feeds Facebook and twitter. It’s a neat, budget-friendly solution that’s easy for our busy muso-wranglers to update via smartphone, whether they’re adding sparkle on superyachts, balancing mum/MD priorities, or preparing human glitterballs to take centre stage.